"My name is Peter Delaney and I work for Peter Confalone Construction of Wakefield MA. A few years ago when the Massachusetts Building Code was converting to the International Building Code (IBC) we decided to be ahead of the curve and begin to construct “Energy Star” rated homes. We began searching for a certified HERS rater to engage in order to help us understand the new energy code and what would be required. Jon Rausch, a salesman at Yankee Pine in Rowley, MA and a colleague of ours suggested Marc Simon of Azimuth Home Energy Solutions.

With that information we contacted Marc Simon and submitted a set of plans for a house in Georgetown, MA. He reviewed the plans, liked the home and asked us to answer the list of questions in order to complete the energy design. With this list we now realized how involved the code requirement will be for our entire construction team. Doug Hamilton, owner of Central Cooling of Woburn, MA and our HVAC contractor became very engaged. He researched and submitted all the required paperwork. The insulating contractor Ray March of March & Martin in Peabody, MA submitted insulating specifications. The final component reviewed was the framing specifications which included the “zip system” for sheathing and crack caulking to seal the envelope.

Marc took me through, step by step, how to construct an “Energy Star Home” beginning with the foundation, slab, frame caulking, zip system, duct testing, draft sealing and spray foam. We performed the blower door testing on the house in Georgetown, MA and successfully met the building code and “Energy Star” requirements. As luck would have it our very first “Energy Star” rated home was picked to be audited by an independent auditor to check our testing and we passed with flying colors.

Thanks to Marc he has educated our entire construction team and I feel that we are well equipped to build energy efficient homes that comply with and exceed the Energy Code Requirements. We are now working on our 7th Energy Star Certified Home."

Peter Delaney
Peter Confalone Construction
Wakefield MA.

"Marc is an attentive professional, committed to assisting residential construction projects through HERS ratings and Energy Star qualifications at Azimuth Home Energy Solutions. As a Project Manager at Artisan Building Group, I worked directly with Marc on a number of our projects including a 36-townhouse development in Rowley and a 12-home subdivision in Danvers. Because of our experience with Marc, our professional relationship continues and we are currently working on a new subdivision in Georgetown. Marc is always willing and able to provide guidance throughout our projects and always available to be on site as needed. I would highly recommend using Marc for these services."

Artisan Building Group
Jackie Mercurio
Project Manager

"I’ve worked with Marc Simon of Azimuth Home Energy Solutions to provide energy code compliance and to provide HERS ratings for our condominium development in Salisbury, Mass. Marc’s guidance on insulation has helped us to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of our buildings. He’s also helped us to get incentive rebates through the Mass Save program, which is a nice bonus. Marc is knowledgeable and professional, and I would recommend his services to others who are planning or building new homes."

Steve Capalupo
Plank Road Realty, LLC
Salisbury, MA.

"Hey Marc, Thanks for your efforts the other day on the rating of the commercial dental office, all went well . I was just thinking about how 4 years ago, that this was all new to us and you guided me through the 6500 sq. ft. house in Gloucester that I had just built, and we passed with flying colors. I was so new to the codes and you seemed to just take it in stride. Thanks for your continued help."

Paul f.Kerrigan
Westcroft Builders Inc.

"Working with Marc is a pleasure. If anyone is looking for a Hers rater I always recommend Marc."

Doug Hamilton
Central Cooling and Heating

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